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Though there are different types of proxy servers available, I can recommend you the CCProxy. There are so many reasons behind this. This kind of servers can be used when the clients of one server need to access the resources of others.

CCProxy Review

With the basic features, some additional features can make these more powerful. And CCProxy is a good example of that. This product is perfectly compatible with various versions of Windows. I have highlighted this solution in this post.

Easy and Highly Efficient

To create a personalized proxy server, the CCProxy is very much impressive. It actually provides one of the easiest ways to create such thing. Within a different number of LANs, it can help you to create a shared internet connection. Though this product is very much easy to use, it can be considered as very much powerful. It can act as various types of servers. Some of those are the HTTPS, HTTP, and mail proxy servers. It shows various usage statistics functions. It is perfect for satellite, modem, ISDN, Wi-Fi, and others.

Some Major Features

The CCProxy is such proxy server which has some amazing features. Some of the main features of this product have been highlighted in this post. Port mapping can be done with the help of this one. For resolving the domain names on the most important thing is the domain name server or DNS. After purchasing this product, you don’t have to rely on other DNS because it has a built-in one. The remote dial-up system has made this proxy server more powerful. This kind of efficient product must support various mail proxies and it does so. It can work with the popular items of those like Eudora and MS Outlook. Most of the similar types of product can provide 2 or 3 types of account authentications. But the CCProxy supports plenty of them. It can use the physical address, IP address, usernames and others for account authentication.

Flexible Pricing Plans

CCProxy has achieved huge popularity for various reasons. Plenty of features are of course the reason behind this. But very attractive pricing plans are also there to attract the users. You can purchase this proxy server according to your necessity. Suppose, you have less than 20 PCs. In that case, you have to pay only $7.0 for each device. Similarly, the necessary cost for each PC will only be $6.0 if the number of the total device is maximum in the range of 20-49. According to this post writing time, the price for this product is only 5.0 USD/PC for 50 to 99 PCs. CCProxy can be enjoyed by less price for more than 100 computers. In that case, the price will only be 4.0 USD/PC. You can also enjoy the trial version of this product. That will give you the idea about this product but can be used only for 3 users.