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As and an administrator of the network, you have to use several tools. The devices that are connected to the network should be monitored. We know that the IP address of any device can be changed easily. But each of those has unique Media Access Control or MAC address.

CCGetMAC Review

In any network, it is very easy to detect the IP addresses of the devices. But for finding the MAC addresses and computer names, you have to take help a reliable tool like CCGetMac. This product has plenty of features to attract the administrator. I have highlighted some of those in this post.

Detecting the User Information

This tool has the capability to detect the information of the host machines. To do this, it can use any of the IP or physical addresses of the devices. This product also has the capability to locate the hosts with ease. Amazing thing is, you don’t have to insert any additional info to locate those. This product can accurately do this task with the help of the MAC id. Now it is very important to consider the types of information that can be provided by CCGetMac.

Like the other similar types of solutions, this product can also provide the MAC and CPU info of the host machines. But it can also provide some other information. The RAM size of each of the devices can be detected by this. The operating system versions that are installed in those can also be found out by this. CCGetMac has the capability to show the administrator the information about network cards that are used by the hosts.

Impressive Auto-Scanning Mode

The CCGetMac has the auto scanning mode with which it can search for the information automatically. The time schedule for this auto searching can be handled very easily. According to the necessity, this product will let you set the time interval for auto searching. So will be able to know which devices are connected to your network on which time. The names of the computers can also be detected from the physical or MAC addresses. CCGetMac is very much friendly for adding various segments to the network. You can set different names for each segment. It will also let you delete some of the segments and adding some of those as favorites.

Multiple Language Support

It will let you use various languages for handling the network. CCGetMac is a completely affordable one. According to October 18, 2015, the price of a single license of this product is only $30. The trial version of this product is also available and it can be used for 15 days only. Some of the network cards support the WOL or Wake on LAN feature. If your card supports that then the CCGetMac is suitable because it supports that feature too.