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Creating custom database was not an easy task before. But nowadays it has become easier. With the help of suitable platform, this difficult task can be done very easily. Though there are several options, I will not suggest you all of those.

Caspio Review

Caspio can be suggested for some fabulous features and amazing pricing options. All kinds of professionals can use this platform for creating the necessary databases with ease. This platform will let you bring your ideas to create the custom database. In this post, all the main features of it have been described. Here are those features:

Work without Coding

With the help of Caspio, you can create the applications without the help of a single line of coding. For your campaign, you may need to create a simple contact management app. And very powerful business workflow applications may also be needed to be created. While creating the applications, you may face several difficulties. In those cases, the Caspio support team will help you. The service staffs are very friendly and experienced. We all know that everything is being updated every day and new updates will keep coming regularly. That is why it is very important to make the web applications updated. You don’t have to worry about this thing. Those will be updated automatically according to necessity.

Affordable Pricing Options

All of the professionals are not the same. Some may need only the core features and some are looking for all the advanced features. That is why there are four different plans of Caspio. One of those is the Startup License which is available with all the core features. This one supports only 5 DataPages. As per the date of creating this post, the monthly cost of this one is $79 only. Business Plan has been offered with advanced features and 100 DataPages support. For enjoying this one, necessary cost should be paid is $249/month. All the premium features have been included in the Corporate License. This is for 400 DataPages and VIP support is included in this. 999 USD/month is the price of this plan. You may need to get Caspio for more DataPages and sub-accounts. For that, you have to purchase the flexible Enterprise License.

Cloud Database Support

Microsoft SQL Server is the very secure and efficient database system. Caspio is built on this powerful system. That is why it can fulfill all the necessities. Though it is very powerful, the users will love to use it for the easy interface. You can design your database for a few users or for thousands of them. The user management system of Caspio is and will be very helpful to you. For maximizing the features of your database, you can easily integrate other systems and services with it. Database driven forms can be generated by this very easily.