Responsive Car Dealer Theme Discount, Avail Coupon

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Coupon Details

Take advantage of a fabulous 15% cash back upon purchasing Car Dealer theme. To get the offer, please consider purchasing the product theme by clicking on the above given link. Then please get the details for claiming with above link.

Car Dealer Theme Discount

This will be provided as Car Dealer Theme discount.

Car Dealer- Automotive Responsive WordPress Theme

For the car dealers, owners, online based activities are very essential. For developing the WordPress based site for the car owners, this is a needed one theme. This theme can also be used by the automotive companies. Not only the owners, but also the users who are trying to release, sell the car, can use this theme for developing the site with creative conditions. This theme approves a flexible platform both for the owners and the customers in case of selling or buying any vehicle. Enjoy all the cool features of this product at a good rate with the discount coupon offer. Simply apply the discount code as mentioned above in order to get the Car Dealer theme coupon.

Description on This Theme

Profile creating format: To create any profile for the dealers, this theme offers an active field. To communicate with the admin panel section, this section is a required one term. For entering the personal info in your site, you just need to use your username and the password. Besides, you can also customize the corresponding info through the editing format.

Branding Process

There is the opportunity of using the logo of every car through the watermarking process and this is very helpful in branding your car. The car images can be added to the corresponding website and this format will ensure the users to identify the copyright of those images.

Car Category: In your site, you can preview a wide range of car models through Car Dealer. This helps the users to maintain the proper category by depending on car brand and the models. Besides, the category can be maintained through pricing issue. To organize the database section of the available cars, this theme offers the user friendly admin panel section.

Car Tracking System: The users can track down the available car selling process with the proper information adding condition. The sold car can be checked here with the sold label. Under every car, there remains some info addition process for each activity. By depending on sell, rent and other issues, you can add proper info through checking conditions.

Searching Issue: In the desired car selecting process, you can depend on the powerful searching process offered by Car Dealer. You can search for any car by depending on car model, brand, location or other issues. While choosing any specific option for the searching issue, Car Dealer will preview the corresponding info to the customer’s page.

Additional Activities: Car Dealer also includes some other effective features for managing any automotive site. Here, you will get an option to manage the car comparison by depending on various issues. Due to this facility, the customers will get the idea to compare about the available cars.

Pricing Issue and Discount of Car Dealer

Car Dealer is available through the price of $59 while getting support for 6 months. In case of getting the supports for 12 months, you need to pay $17.70. This is the pricing without the discount. Besides, you will also get a free trial version with some limited features.

Car Dealer is a cool product. The cooler thing is that, this product is now available at a much reasonable price with our Car Dealer theme discount offer. We are expecting the coupon to get you satisfied.