Camtasia Promotional Code, Camtasia for Mac Discount

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Coupon Details

Avail 10% cash rebate to PayPal when purchasing Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac both. As there is no Camtasia promotional code available for the time being, we’ll be happy to provide the rebate as an alternative of discount code. Details for getting the rebate to PayPal is mentioned here.

Camtasia Studio Rebate

This is one of the most exclusive tool from TechSmith who are renowned for other good products. If you like to purchase it for Windows, then you can go for regular Camtasia Studio which support windows PC. If you need it for Mac, then check Camtasia for Mac edition.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio and Promo Code

Very useful products are the main thing about the Software Company. All the products of this company are related to the screen capturing, recording and sharing. Camtasia is very popular and powerful product of this company and it has been created for recording from the computer screens and editing those very easily. TechSmith has released two different editions of this product. One edition is for the Windows and the other one is for the Mac. So if you like to have any of the two products, get the rebate as mentioned above, which will provided as an alternative to Camtasia discount code. Such promo code price will help to get the TechSmith tool at reduced price.

Camtasia Studio for Windows

Very strong recording engine has been added to the Camtasia Studio and that is why it can record from the Windows computers very efficiently with great quality and effects. HD videos can be recorded very easily with the help of this software and the other contents like the presentations, gaming videos etc. can also be recorded without any problem. This product will let you import various types of videos very easily to customize those to create very high quality videos. To the videos, you can add various types of images and songs as you want. Superimposing tool in the Camtasia Studio can be very essential for you because this tool will let you put yourself the recorded or imported videos.

Get Promotional Code for Studio

The remove-a-color option of this product will let you create professional quality videos very easily. The Multi-track timeline of the Camtasia Studio will let you deal with various audios and videos at the same time. Professional quality editing tools have been included in this product and that is why you will be able to provide excellent polishing the videos. TechSmith Smartplayer is very innovative online based media player which is added to this product. The price of this powerful product is only $299 prior to the 2016 year, where the promotional code price would be 10% cheaper considering the rebate.

Camtasia for Mac Edition

The Mac version of the TechSmith Camtasia has been created very nicely for the Mac users. This software can be installed on the Mac computers to provide all the top features of the Windows version of the same product. There is also Camtasia for Mac promo code available, which will be substitute by rebate. So have the discount coupon with the same.

Though this is the Mac edition, it has the cross-platform screen recording capability. That means, it can integrate with the Windows version of Camtasia for recording and sharing the videos more easily. Just like the Windows edition, it can also be integrated with the Google Drive. It has very powerful editing tools which can be used for cropping various parts of the recorded videos and for providing nice polishing to those. For recoding the presentations and animations, this product is very efficient. With the color picker option for this product you will able to customize the color effects of the videos without any problem. With the promo, this product can be bought by only $99 in 2015 to 2016, which is very cheap compare to the features of it.

So have the Camtasia promotional code when purchasing the tool. As mentioned, there is rebate available for both Camtasia Studio windows edition as well as Camtasia for Mac. So the cash rebate will be provided instead of discount code to reduce the purchase price somehow.