CamCloud Pricing for Cloud Storage: Get a Cool Review

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As various companies provide various types of cloud storages and services to the customers, some companies are there which offers the cloud monitoring system. Camcloud is one of those companies which offer such monitoring system for homes and for businesses. Specifically, Camcloud actually provides the video monitoring system which can work with almost all types of popular cameras. For various powerful features and flexible prices, the service of this company can attract you very much.


Highlights of the Facilities of Camcloud

You will not only be able to monitor the activities with the IP cameras, but also be able to store the videos to the cloud storage. The important thing is the cloud storage will be offered to you when you will buy any license of Camcloud. This is a totally open platform video monitoring tool. So it can be integrated with all types IP cameras as well as the Webcams. Instant live video monitoring system is a very advanced feature of this tool because, with the help of this feature, you will be able to watch live what is going in the area where the IP camera is placed.

The recorded clips can be managed very easily. After recording so many video recordings, the Camcloud will let you find out the desired clips very easily with the search tool. This is a completely cloud service and that is why you don’t have to rely on any software or hardware to manage this.

Which Cameras are supported by Camcloud

Axis are undoubtedly one of the best and most popular brands of the IP cameras. Camcloud can work with the cameras of this brand. Foscam cameras are also very much popular all over the world and the Camcloud video monitoring system can perfectly work with those cameras. You don’t have to worry about the IP cameras you have if you want to use the Camcloud because if your camera cannot be integrated with this service, you can send a request to the support team and they will help you to integrate Camcloud with your camera.

Prices of the Different Plans

Three different plans are available for the Camcloud and all of those support unlimited live viewing facility. Each of the three plans supports multiple cameras. The Basic plan is for 4 different cameras and it will let you store the video of one day and also store 5 thousand snapshots. The price of this license is only $8 for each month of using. Another attractive license is the Standard license, which is available for $20 and it supports 10 different cameras. This license will let you store the videos for 7 days and total 30 thousand images. The most powerful plan is the Unlimited Plan because it supports unlimited cameras and it lets the user store the videos for 30 days and 100 thousand images. The price of this plan is $50 (as of 08 September 2014).