Bluehost VPS Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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Virtual private servers are those which offer the users more flexibility, almost like dedicated. They get the power to choose the control panel functionality, resources, and apps. Though Bluehost provides other products, the VPS of this company is really very powerful.

Bluehost VPS Review

Due to all the important features and affordable pricing, this product can be recommended. From this small post, you can easily get an idea about this popular product of this popular hosting providing company.

All the Basic Features

One of the main features of the Bluehost VPS is its instant activation. There are other companies which offer similar products, which will not be activated instantly. But in this case, this company is well ahead. Before purchasing any of the packages, you must have considered the resource amounts. But it should also be considered that you are getting those perfectly or not. The optimal level performance will be shown on your websites all the time if you use VPS of Bluehost for that. It will happen because this company offers such resources which will be told to you. You can be sure that this product can be used very easily though it is extremely powerful. You can get the plans with or without cPanel control panel.

Some Optional Facilities

The optional features of the VPS of Bluehost are so impressive that you will intend to get those. The sitelock facility can be integrated with your product. It will make your website free from the malware and all types of vulnerabilities. Even the strongest threats won’t be able to make any harm to your websites. You may know that the websites which have the SSL certificates can be considered as safe. That is why Bluehost offers this certification. So VPS of this company can be used for creating the online shops or e-commerce sites. Domain privacy programs of this one are also very much necessary. Sometimes, after purchasing any plan, you may need to add more storage and other resources. As an honorable customer of this service, you will be allowed to do so. For providing more security to the web contents, you can use the site backup pro. It will create backups of all the targeted contents.

Totally Affordable Pricing

The Enhance plan of Bluehost VPS is most popular because it offers 60GB SAN storage with 4GB RAM. It is available at only $29.99 for the first month. You will get 2 IP addresses with this. The Standard plan is a small pack including 2GB RAM and 30GB disk space. If you want to pick it, then you have to spend only $14.99 for the first month. The premium pack can also be a great choice for you. 120GB large storage and 6GB available RAM are the main attraction of this one. For purchasing this one, $44.95 should be paid. With 8GB RAM and 240GB storage, the Ultimate package is available. Its first-month price is only $59.99. By choosing the right plans, you can get maximum 4TB monthly bandwidth.