Bitcasa Cloud Provider Review : Get an Exclusive Pricing

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Getting the cloud is not the only thing, because if you cannot take control on your allotted cloud then you will not feel comfortable at all. Various types of clouds are offered by various companies, but all of those are not easily manageable. That is why all of those companies cannot achieve huge popularity to the customers.


Products and Facilities Offered by Bitcasa

The Bitcasa is a cloud provider company in California, USA. The products of this company are very popular because of so many things. We have found out some of the main products and features of Bitcasa.

Turn-key Drive of This Company

Few products are offered by this company, but each of the products is very essential. For example the Turn-Key Drive, which will be very helpful if you want to provide cloud storage services to your clients or customers. With the help of this product, you will be able to set the specifications and pricing plans for the cloud storage facilities you will provide.

The increase the retention of the customers, the Turn-key Drive of the Bitcasa Company will help you. Sometimes, you may need to customize the facilities offered to the customers to make the plans and pricings more attractive. If you have the Turn-key Drive then you will be able to do that whenever you want. Bitcasa will supply you unlimited storage space so that you can deal with so many customers.

The users of the storage will be able to access their allotted space and stored files from any type of device and from anywhere. The very efficient encryption facility is another advantage of the Bitcasa. So the files and data of the users will be strongly protected. For the billing and managing the customers, Bitcasa will provide you all the necessary tools.

Very Effective CloudFS APIs

Reliable file system is necessary for all types of clouds. For getting such file system, you don’t have to depend on other companies because the Bitcasa will let you use the CloudFS APIs which is very much reliable file system. The necessary files and folders are stored here and that is why it can be considered as the pre-decorated file system which will help you a lot. The necessary analytics tools and full featured management consoles are the other necessary things you will get with CloudFS APIs.

The CloudFS Pricing provided by the Bitcasa will attract you very much. Prototype is the free plan which offers 25GB storage. Deploy is the light premium plan which provides 250GB storage. The price of this plan is only $25/mo. as of October 19, 2014. Engage and Amplify are the other two plans which offer 2.5TB and 5TB storages respectively. The prices of these plans are $250/mo. and $1000/mo. respectively according to October 19, 2014.