Beyond Hosting Coupon Code, Up to 50% Promo Code

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Coupon Details

Have the  following promo code price when purchasing Beyond Hosting services. After applying the code, Beyond Hosting coupon price would be applied. Make purchase with the reduced price.

50% Off VPS first month Place Code during checkout: GOGOBH50

30% Off Dedicated Servers 6 months Place Code during checkout: BHCLOUD

Coupon Code  for Beyond Hosting

Overview of the Beyond Hosting

Beyond Hosting is such company which not only offers different types of hosting, but also provide other additional services which are also necessary for all types of websites. If you are looking for a real source for the website hosting of different types then this Company can be recommended to you. For so many reasons, you can choose this company as the provider. Here we have tried to highlight different services provided by this company. Also make sure to check above Beyond Hosting promo code. The coupon code will definitely make the purchase price much cheaper than the standard.

Managed Cloud Dedicated Servers

Some website owners like to use the shared servers for the hosting of their websites and some owners need to use separate servers for the hosting of their sites. If you need the separate or dedicated server then you can purchase those from the Company. Server with minimum 4GB to maximum 128GB memory can be purchased from this company. By choosing a right Dedicated Server plan of this company, you will be able to get minimum 2 to maximum 16 cores for the processors. SSD type storages have made these servers very powerful. The lowest plan for this server is the DVS 4GB plan which includes 4GB memory, 100GB storage and 20TB bandwidths. The price of this plan is $104.99/month according to 20 September 2014. Other plans of the Managed Cloud Dedicated Servers of Beyond Hosting Company are also very attractive. The Beyond Hosting Dedicated coupon is mentioned earlier, so make sure to have the promotion with the same.

Different Virtual Private Servers

In short, the main difference between the dedicated servers and virtual private servers (VPS) is the VPS servers can be managed with the selected operating systems whereas the dedicated servers cannot be managed in such way. Many people want to manage the servers with the help of the Windows operating system and many of them loves the Linux. That is why the Beyond Hosting Company offers both the Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Each of the VPS hosting services includes scalable plans with high security, backup system and SSD type storage.

Other Services and Coupon Code

The Company offers different types of services like the backup service. The backup service of this company supports the dedicated and VPS servers. If you purchase the backup solution of this company, you don’t have to worry about creating and storing the backups of the website contents anymore. This system starts from only $10.00/month as of 20 September 2014. Content Delivery Network or CDN is also provided by the Company. If you want to store the web contents to another location and provide those to your websites very quickly, then you can use any of the CDNs. The Beyond Hosting Company has established the data centers to a different location in the world. So, no matter from where your websites will be visited, the CDN of this company will provide the contents very efficiently and quickly.

There is Beyond Hosting coupon code available when purchasing the solution. This applies when purchasing dedicated or VPS hosting. So make sure to have the promo code price during purchase.