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Coupon Details

A nice discount of 25% is being offered here on BackupTrans upon purchasing of any product. We are providing this BackupTrans coupon as cash back through PayPal.

Please purchase any product through above link and claim for the 25% cash. Please check out the image below for clear details:

BackupTrans Coupon Code

Some Amazing Products of the BackupTrans

There are some software companies which offer reliable backup solutions for the mobile phones. Some of those deals with the tools for the Windows phones or Androids and some of the others. But the BackupTrans is a such brand which has created the backup solutions for different types of smartphones. This review will let you take a look at the features of some main products of this famous brand. Moreover, the coupon and discount being provided here makes it easier for you to enjoy its services at a cheaper rate. There is no need of apply any extra coupon code here. The prices of the discussed software have been mentioned according to 24 May 2015.

Android SMS Transfer

It should not be disagreed that the Android mobile phones are the most popular devices of the world. Due to comparatively low price of these devices, people use one or multiple phones at a time. Sometimes it becomes very necessary to transfer the messages from one phone to another one. Even those may be needed to be transferred to the computers. If you have the BackupTrans SMS Transfer then you can do these tasks very easily. Once the SMSs is loaded to the PC, then this can easily be restored to any other Android device. It offers the quickest way to transfer the SMSs to one android to another. It can use the WiFi instead of USB for data sending. Collecting the messages in a document file can be done without problem by using this product of BackupTrans. To get the Personal Edition of it, you have to pay only $19.95. This license can be used in three different devices.

IPhone SMS/MMS/message Transfer

This is one of the finest products of the BackupTrans Company. This tool can be considered as the transferring solutions for all types of messages which are stored on IOS devices. No matter you need to deal with the text messages, MMSs or the IMs, you can do that with it. You can store those data directly to the computer. Similarly, those can be transferred to the other iPhones or iPads. There can be different attachments with the messages. You don’t have to extract those first and then load those to the computers. This software will help you to directly extract those files to the PC. If several data have been saved to the iTunes storage, this tool will also help you to retrieve those. The price of this product of BackupTrans is only $24.95 (personal license).

Android SMS Backup & Restore

You may be thinking that what is the difference between this product and the SMS Transfer products? Actually, this one will let store your SMSs to the computers but not in other mobile device. You can also make your messages printable. By sending those to any PC and making documents using those, you can print with ease. The personal license of this product can be bought by $19 only without the coupon.

Some other popular tools offered by BackupTrans are, Android Data Transfer, WhatsApp Transfer, iTunes Backup Extractor etc. If you would like to purchase the product, then get it with the exclusive BackupTrans coupon code pricing. For you instance, there is no necessity of applying any coupon code in order to receive the offer. This discount in 2016 is expected to give you the better pricing.