Aweber Email Autoresponder Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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If you are looking for such source from where you can get the email marketing and email auto-responder tools, then the Aweber Communications can be a great choice for you. This is one of the most popular companies among all of those, which provides different types of features for the email marketing. By choosing different pricing plans offered by this company, you will be able to work with different numbers of subscribers to complete the email marketing tasks comfortably. Some of the main features offered by the Aweber are:


Different Features of the Aweber

It is very important for you to create very fast communication with the new subscribers and that is why you need to use auto-responder tool which will automatically send the messages to the subscribers. You can create the welcome emails to the new subscribers and the answers of different questions about them and then the auto-responder tool of the Aweber will send the subscribers those emails automatically.

Various auto-responder templates are offered by this company and some of those templates are of single column and some are of multi-columns. Important thing is it can work with images and all types of email attachments. Email newsletter software is another very good feature of the Aweber Communications. This tool will help you to update the blog contents very easily. This newsletter tool can work with various types of email templates and color schemes.

Easy Email Editor Facility

To edit the emails very easily, Aweber provides the drag and drop email editor. This tool will let you add your signatures to the emails very easily and add different types of headlines to those mails. It will let you choose the pieces and then add those to the messages very easily.

Not the only emails, but also various types of coupons can be created with the help of the editor tool of the Aweber Communications. So you won’t have to rely on other tools for creating various types of discount coupons to the subscribers if you are the user of the Aweber. It can work with both the plain texts as well as the HTML codes. After creating or editing the emails, Aweber will let you see the preview copy. You will be allowed for creating the schedule for the emailing and then Aweber will follow the schedule for sending the emails.

Different Attractive Pricing Plans

If you want to use the Aweber for working with maximum 500 subscribers then you have to $19 per month. And you have to pay additional $10 if you want to work with more than 500 to maximum 2500 different subscribers. Additional $130 should be paid if you target to work with maximum 25 thousand different subscribers. The prices here are according to 21 September 2014.