AutoKrypt Coupon, Get Exclusive Discount in 2017

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Coupon Details

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AutoKrypt Reviews and Features

AutoKrypt is a software which can help users to encrypt their files to keep it safe. This software can easily encrypt and decrypt files and folders. People do not store their information in a piece of paper anymore, the generation has been advanced. People stores their information in a file. People save their files protected.  This is the reason because people do not want their files to reveal to third parties because it may contain some important information. This software can easily keep the file protected from the harm.

Main Abilities

AutoKrypt has many abilities, some of the main abilities have been described here. This software can encrypt files and folders. People want to keep their files and folders safe from any kind of harms. People may store many files on their computer which is confidential. These confidential files need to be protected because it can cause harm if it goes to third parties. This software will help users to keep their files encrypted. Just to say as an example, a government worker has to store many confidential information in their system. They need to keep the information safe because these types of information are sensitive and in any circumstances should not reach to third parties. In that moment that government worker uses this software to encrypt his files and folders so that these files and folders does not reach to the third party. This will help the government worker keep his files safe. People can also decrypt the files or folders whenever they want by using this software.

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Users can also encrypt their files and folders by using a password. Users can select a password to encrypt the files and folders. This will prevent third party to get access to the information. Cyber criminals won’t be able to steal information from the file because it is encrypted with a password. Only the person who knows the password can open the files or folders. People can also store their personal information in those files and folders because it is encrypted and not everyone can open these files and folders without password.

Backup Files

AutoKrypt can keep the backup files in the encrypted folders. This software can keep back up of the original file and it can also keep a backup of the encrypted file. So that if in any cases, users forget the password they still will be able to retrieve the information.

Pricing Plan and Coupon of AutoKrypt

AutoKrypt has very straight forward and clear cut pricing plan, this software is priced moderately so that everyone can access this software. This software is priced at only 99.95 dollars without adding the coupon. This software has 2 versions and both are in the same price, the update is priced at 49.98 dollars only. Each time it will cost the same.

If you find interest in this product, then please purchase it with the discount offer through our link. We hope you have a great time enjoying the AutoKrypt coupon.