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Leisure time can be very much boring in many cases and you can read books for those times. But technology has become very much advanced so that you don’t have to read the books if you don’t want to because various types of Audiobooks are available to the internet. Audiobooks can be enjoyed any time in a day. Many companies provide various types of audio books. You can subscribe to to get the quality audio books. This company has very large collection of all types of Audiobooks.


Highlights of and Its Products

Audiobooks of the can be divided into several main categories. If you love the sci-fi books, then can go to and download favorite books among the collection of thousands Audiobooks. This company provides famous books like the Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who etc. Fantasy Audiobooks like the Unfettered, Turn Coat, and Storm Front etc are also available at and mystery lovers will be attracted by the collection of Audiobooks of the

This provider of Audiobooks also offers classic detective books like the Sherlock Holmes Series, Inspector Queen’s Own Case, and A Trick of Light etc. The modern detective Audiobooks like the Smokin’ Seventeen, Natchez Burning, The Visible Suspect, Cold Days and others are available for the collection of the Temporary Perfections, Doing Harm, Sells are some of the thriller Audiobooks can be found at

Other Audiobooks Provided by

This company offers thousands of history books also and some of those are 1177 B.C: The Year Civilization Collapsed, Russian roulette, Abraham Lincoln etc. You will be able to get there the most popular history books of 20th and 21st centuries. Audiobooks suitable for kids and adults are offered by Political History books are also the main attractions of this company. The biography of the successful human being can be found in the In this category, you will be able to find the Audiobooks like the A Fighting Chance, This I Believe, What Happened to Goldman Sachs etc.

Membership Plans Offered by This Company

Monthly plans and annual plans are offered by this company. You can get the first audiobook free for one month. Then you have to pay for each book for each month. The 1 book per month and 2 books per month plans are available. Annual plans are the 12 books at a time and 24 books at a time. So you have to choose the plan considering how many Audiobooks you want to listen in each month or year.

Different Listening Apps

You don’t have to download 3rd party apps for listening audio books because this company offers different listening apps for the android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets. Apps for Kindles are also provided by