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The importance of a successful email campaign can be so big for several cases. Various things should be kept in mind while running an email campaign. Otherwise the proper result will not be achieved. Now you can use various types of tools to achieve the success. Many companies in the world provide such tools which can help you in this case. But you have to pick some reliable tools and the products of the Atomic brand can be best choice for you. Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is very efficient and unique product of the Atomic brand.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

Highlights of the Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

Collecting the huge number of contacts and email addresses is one of the most important primary stages for starting an email campaign. You have to collect the contacts from different places. If you want to do this task manually then you have to spend so much time which is not possible in many cases. If you want to collect the contact information from the newsgroups then you can use the Atomic Newsgroup Explorer. This product of Atomic brand has plenty of useful features.

Purposes to use This Product

This tool is very much easy to use. You have to follow three steps to get the contact information from the targeted server. First of all you have to import the address of the server, then choose some groups and then click on the start option. When you will complete these three steps, then Atomic Newsgroup Explorer will find out and provide all the contact information to you. It will use the multi-thread mode and that is why it will be able to complete its work very quickly.

There are so many similar types of tools, provided by other brands, which are not capable of extracting the contacts from all types of servers. But the Atomic Newsgroup Explorer can be used for collecting or extracting the contacts from all types of NNTP servers with same efficiency.

Advantages of Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

Advantage of this tool is it will show you he expanded log where you will get the information about the email addresses with the usernames and addresses on the newsgroup. After extracting the newsgroup contacts, you will be able to customize those before saving and that is why this tool, it can be said that the Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is very much friendly with the users.

After collecting the contact information, you can explore those two different types of document page like the Microsoft Office Excel and Word and to the other product of the Atomic brand like the Atomic Email Sender and Atomic Email Verifier. Like all the other products of the Atomic brand, Newsgroup Explorer can use in the Windows PC and it is compatible with all the available editions of the Windows OS.