Atomic Mail Sender Discount & Coupon Price in 2017

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Avail Discount for Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender Reviews and Discount Coupon

In the email marketing section, there are a lot of software products. Various software products are designed with various functionalities to perform many activities. Such a needed product is atomic mail sender. To create unlimited number of emails, this product is very active. Besides, it also provides the facility to send the emails to a lot of recipients. This product is rapidly used by the marketers for the email sending process. To spread the news in a short time about any product or the services to a huge audience, it is very effective.

Mass mail software provides one of the best marketing softwares. It ensures the facility of creating & formatting any newsletter. It creates the medium of filtering the lists. It can check & verify every email. The new web forms can be formed to obtain the new subscribers.

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The Features of the Product

This product ensures a lot of functions with systematic features. These beneficial features are:

Unlimited number of address list: It allows the way to import various types of mailing lists. You can choose from .txt, .xls, .doc, .docx, .mdb and so on. To gain the facility of SMTP server, you can observe three types. These types: built-in, external and the partner. Through the built-in SMTP server, you can send any number of email messages by using the bypassing process. The delivery speed through this process is very fast. If the mailing process can’t be established directly, then you need to depend on the external SMTP server. After finding out the external server, you can easily send the email messages. It offers the unlimited number of facilities. The multithread process increases the sending speed. The last one is a partner SMTP server which is more effective than the previous two.

Proxy servers: It uses the facility to send the email messages by using the email servers. It generally supports Socks 5, Socks 4 and the Socks 4A servers. It uses any proxy server in a sequential way. If it detects any dead condition of any server, it will delete it immediately before the mail sending process.

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Atomic Mail Verifier

It allows the system to validate any address of an email while sending. Address verification of any email system is an essential criteria while sending an email. Besides, the mail list can be checked in the online by using this software.

Advantages of Mass Email Software: Bulk mailing software has become an effective part of the email campaign in the marketing section. Generally, the mail marketers have to afford the fastest mailing software. It is flexible to install with simple interface. The user can send any mail from their personal PC. No monthly fees are needed here like the marketing services in online mailing.

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