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Nowadays, technology has been reached to such level that you can do many difficult and time consuming tasks very easily and quickly by using your PC and some necessary software and tools. If you have to deal with thousands of emails per day, then you may face so many difficulties. For example, it will be impossible for you to reply the emails sent from huge number of email addresses. In this case you can use such tool which can reply the received emails automatically. Atomic Email Autoresponder is such type of tool. Like all the other products of the Atomic brand, Email Autoresponder is also very unique and useful.

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Why to Choose Atomic Email Autoresponder

This automatic email replier tool is very helpful for the creation of the canned replies. So, you can add different types of templates for the replies. It will be very easy for you to set the rules for sending the emails and add separate templates for each of the rules. One of the most important things about this Atomic product is it can deal with unlimited number of emails for replying. So you don’t have to rely on other email replier tools if you have Atomic Email Autoresponder.

The built in Scheduler is another great advantage of this product and by using this program this tool can reply the emails by maintaining the schedule set by you. It will also keep the record of the time when a reply will be sent. That means this product ensures that the replies will be sent to the correct destinations to the right time.

Major Features and Advantages of This Product

You may know that the emails can be sent in plain text format as well as HTML format. But most of the automatic email responders do not support both these formats. Atomic Email Autoresponder perfectly supports these two formats and that is why you will feel more comfortable while using this product. Stop List is one of the unique features of Atomic Email Autoresponder.

If you don’t want to send the replies to some email addresses, then you can set those addresses into the stop list and the email addresses which will be stored in the stop list will not get any reply. From providing you the perfect report on the replies, time of the replies, email addresses and other information Atomic Email Autoresponder have the Expanded Log. You can export the email addresses and other data from any type of document files like the MS Office, MS Excel etc.

User Friendly Interface and License

Its user interface is very much friendly so that you will be able to handle the activities of it very easily. You don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly fee after purchasing it. So after buying Atomic Email Autoresponder, you will be able to use it for unlimited time.