ASEOHosting Review : Get a Cool Pricing for Hosting

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If you have the little knowledge about the IP addresses, you may know that these are divided into several classes. Class C is one of the classes. Some hosting providers offer the type of addresses with their plans. For creating the microsites, these can be used. ASEOHosting offers this type of facilities.


ASEOHosting – Affordable Solutions & Services

The services you can get from this company, cannot be found from all the providers. Each of the plans provided by this one is flexible and affordable. If your target is to enhance the search engine visibility, the products of ASEOHosting can be recommended to you. Not only the hosting facilities but also reliable servers are offered by them. Some other resources and services are available there. Let’s take a quick look at some main items.

Hosting Based on Areas

USA and Europe based solutions can be purchased from this company. For the first region, more than five hundred and fifty class C IP ranges are available. You will be able to create your own plan according to your necessities. Suppose you need 20GB storage and 200GB storage with 5 IPs. In this case, you have to pay monthly $23.75. It is best to use private nameservers for every domain that you use.

But it is alarming that most of the providers do not offer this thing. ASEOHosting is different than them and it does offer so. After activating a new account, instantly that can be installed in the targeted WordPress site. You will be allowed to change the IP address of the websites very easily. This company also offers the IP ranges to 10 different countries of Europe. More than 500 class C addresses are available for this. For the same plan described above, you have to pay $28.75 for the European countries.

Top Quality Servers

Just like the hosting facilities, ASEOHosting also provides server based in the USA and European regions. Full dedicated servers can be purchased from here. Considerable thing is, you will be allowed to use as many IPs to your server as you want. The servers can be used with WordPress and other CMS systems.

Instant activation and installation are the other features of this product. Depending on the chosen region, the prices of the dedicated server plans are different. With the smallest plan, you will get 2X500GB HDD and 2000GB monthly bandwidth. This plan is for USA region and monthly price is $239 as per the post writing time.

Some Other Facilities

With the above product, ASEOHosting offers some other facilities. One of those is the SSL Certificates. You can easily purchase a Standard SSL Certificate from here by $44.99 only. This company also lets the customers get domains at a cheaper price. So it can be said that ASEOHosting can provide complete support to the clients.