ApPHP DataGrid Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

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All the companies do not provide the same type of products. Some of them really offer some unique tools. For example, the Advanced Power of PHP Company is offering some exclusive products. This company is highly popular by the name ApPHP. It provides various tools and PHP Scripts for the web developers mainly. The top product of this company is the ApPHP DataGrid.

ApPHP DataGrid Review

ApPHP DataGrid is amazing tool which can be used for providing the data-bound grid control. In any website is based on PHP Database, this product can be used in that. Pricing and features of this product are highly attractive. Here is the discussion about those:

Multipurpose Using Facility

DataGrid of ApPHP can be used for various purposes. Sometimes it becomes very urgent to add the back-end for the websites. This tool can be used for doing so. Normally we depend on several content management systems. But it is not impossible to create personalized CMS. This tool can be used for making such management system. For multiple databases, various types of tools should be developed. ApPHP DataGrid can be used to create various types of tools. Data administration is another very important task for all types of websites. This product lets the users generate proper data administration system which will be online based.

Easy and Compatible

This tool will let you make functional DataGrid in quickest possible time. All you need to use some lines of codes of PHP. Various modes can be included in there such as the Edit, Delete and Add. When you will get a license for this product, you will also get the open source code for the product. So as a developer, you can customize this before integrated to the websites. It supports the PHP 5.0.0 and all the newer versions. ApPHP DataGrid is a multi-platform product. That is why it is completely compatible with both the Windows and Linux operating systems.

Comparison of Editions

Three different types of editions have been offered for the ApPHP DataGrid. Among those, The Basic edition is the free one and the others are paid versions. Advanced Edition of this product can be purchased only by $28.66. On the other hand, the Pro Version has been offered for $71.26 according to October 13, 2015. If you want to get proper facilities, then any of the paid versions should be purchased. The best advantage of ApPHP DataGrid Pro is it has come with one-year free update facility. It also supports POST, GET and AJAX PostBack Methods. Multi-row editing and cloning operations are also supported by this powerful product. Both the paid versions have the Multi-Database support. But the Advanced version only works with the Pear. On the other hand, Pro edition can work with both the Pear and PDO.