Antamedia Internet Cafe Software Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Antamedia is the software company which is so much popular all over the world for its different types of products. This company offers the software and tools for the shops, offices, cyber cafes, medical centers and other offices and organizations. All the products are very powerful and reliable. Many popular companies and organizations are the customers of Antamedia.

Antamedia Internet Café Software

Antamedia Internet Café Software Overview

Among all the products of this company, the Antamedia Internet Café Software is one of the bests. If you are the owner or one or more cyber cafes then you can choose this product of the Antamedia Software Company. It can also be used in the computer centers as well as the gaming centers.

Why to use This Product of Antamedia

If you want to control everything of your computer center or cyber café then the Antamedia Internet Café Software can be suitable for you. That means you will be able to create bills, monitor internet usage and printing bills, record gaming time durations and monitor the VOIP call histories of the customers of your organization with the help of this exclusive software. You can download the trial version for free to check the effectiveness and quality of this software. After using the trial version, you can buy the license of this product. This product is available in four different premium editions.

Editions of This Antamedia Product

Lite Edition: This edition of the Internet Café Software can be used in the Windows computers and it can work with 4 different client computers. By using this product, you will be able to set the price plans for playing games, using internet for browsing and downloading, printing the files and for other purposes. You can set the schedule for using the computer and pre paid price plans by using the Lite edition of this software. VOIP call bills can be created by using it. Most importantly, it can be used for controlling the printing of the bills. This software will help you to control the client computers very easily from your PC. The applications of those computers can be managed with the help of it.

Standard Edition: For controlling 5 client computers, this product is suitable. It has all the features of the Lite edition. Most important features of this edition is it will help you to communicate with the customers. You can send files to the client PCs and the customers will be allowed to order different things from those computers. It is very helpful for controlling the Wi-Fi networks and monitoring the browsing histories of the customers. This software will show you the complete statistical report on the internet usage.

Premium Edition and Enterprise Edition: The premium edition is also for 5 client computers, but it has so many powerful features. With the help of this edition you will be able to set the price plans and monitor the client computers more easily. Enterprise edition offers similar features like the Premium edition, but that can be used in unlimited client computers.