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It is not safe the store the personal and important data and files in the computers all the times because in many cases it can be seen that the people forget where they had stored that data in the computer and another reason is those data and files can be seen by anyone. So it is better to use such app on the computer which can be used for protecting and organizing the important files in the computer. If you are interested in buying this type of product then the AllMyNotes Organizer can be recommended to you. This product of the Vladonai Software Company has tons of important features.

AllMyNotes Organizer

The Details of the AllMyNotes Organizer

Different types of advanced features are available in this product one of those features is it can be used for protecting the data with a strong password. You can easily be used this product to make inaccessible any type of file which in stored in your computer or any external device. Not only the files, but also specific folders can also be locked with the help of the AllMyNotes app.

To search any type of file from your computer, you can use this product of the Vladonai Software Company. Different terms can be used for finding out the desired types of files and data. Important thing about this app is it has the real time search option and that is why you don’t have to wait for finding out the files.

Useful Features of This Computer App

If you need to replace different texts in any document with the other texts, then this software will help you. Even it will let your highlight different parts of the documents very easily. The user interface of this app is very friendly and it is full of various types of important options. The AllMyNotes Organizer of the Vladonai Software Company will help you to create backups of the selected files and data and to organize those into various categories.

Different Editions of This Product

The Vladonai Software Company offers three different editions of the AllMyNotes Organizer and all the versions support different languages. For establishing basic document management system you can use the Free Edition of this product. Though it is the Free edition, it offers some powerful features. The Deluxe edition of this product can be used in the desktops and you will be able to use it for 30 days for trial. This edition of the AllMyNotes Organizer provides all the features we have discussed above.

Another very useful edition of this product is the Portable Version which can be installed on any portable device like the USB drives or portable hard disks. After installing this edition of the AllMyNotes Organizer to any of the portable devices, you will be able to use this on any computer.