Advanced Host Monitor Coupon: Exclusive Promo and Pricing

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Coupon Details

Have an amazing 10% cash back upon considering making a purchase of Advanced Host Monitor using the above given link. Applicable for any license purchase: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

Then refer to the fews steps mentioned in the image below and these will lead you to the discount offer.

Advanced Host Monitor DIscount

For your instance, the cash rebate is actually being served due to the unavailability of the Advanced Host Monitor coupon.

Advanced Host Monitor Review

If you run a computer, you have to take proper care of that. Strong security tools and monitoring tools should be used in computers. Similarly, for the network monitoring, very strong solution must be needed. But unfortunately, network monitoring tools are not that much available as the computer tools. Some of such products are still highly recommendable. AHM is one of those recommendable options. The main reason behind huge popularity of this product is the tons of features. Completely reasonable pricing is another good thing too. The coupon offer made the pricing reasonable. So have this product with the Advanced Host Monitor discount and no coupon code is needed in this aspect. Let’s have a look at the main features and facilities of this advanced software:

Check All Parameters

There are some network monitoring solution which cannot work with all types of parameters. That is why some of the facts of the networks cannot be detected. But with the help of Advanced Host Monitor, you will be able to take a look on all of those. For doing so, this product has 77 different methods. There can be TCP service, various types of web servers and mail servers. This powerful software can monitor all of those very efficiently. You don’t have to order for the test all the time. Advanced Host Monitor is a schedule based solution. That is why it can work according to schedule to test the network regularly.

Reasonable Pricing Plans and Coupon

I have said it earlier that the pricing of this product is completely reasonable. And it is flexible also. You can choose anyone of some available plans. The Lite Plan of this product is available for only 99 USD without the coupon. This is the cheapest plan. The Standard license is also available for attractive price. As per 7 April 2016, cost for this one is only 175 USD. With more features and facilities Professional Edition of Host Monitor is available. The cost for this one is 350 USD. For large organizational use, you can get the Enterprise Edition of this product by 799 USD. You can also get this product for a lifetime. In that case, you have to pay 1,599 USD only. Service Provider License of this product can be purchased by 2,400 USD. Overall, each of the licenses of Advanced Host Monitor is very impressive.

Other Necessary Features

Host Monitor will let you create various action profiles. Depending on the test result, these profiles can be used. Similarly, this product can also create so many log files. For monitoring the remote networks or servers, you may need to use some remote clients. This software will work with all of those without problems. And all of these means almost nothing, if you are not provided detailed results. Advanced Host Monitor will provide you completely reliable results and reports. Those reports will be easily customizable and can also be used in future.

Get the taste of this cool product at a reduced price with the Advanced Host Monitor coupon. We expecting you to have a good time enjoying the discount.