Absolute Jacker Review: Get a Cool Pricing

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If you search for the hijacking software, then you will get many of those. But how many of those are reliable? Some of those are really of the poor class. So you have to be careful before purchasing such software.

Absolute Jacker Review

Probably the Absolute Jacker is the top highjack tool of the world. For boosting your opt-in rate and increase the number of sales, you can use this amazing software. Actually, this tool is a WordPress plugin. It offers various types of important and powerful features. Some of the main features and advantages of this product have been described as follows.

Get Results with Ease

This tool will give you the power of authority of various renowned sites. So you can convert the leads into buyers very easily. YouTube, Google Play and iTunes etc. are various popular sites and you can get the authority of those sites with the help of Absolute Jacker. This plugin will let you create some amazing types of popups. You can use chosen templates to create any kind of popups according to your necessity. Opt-in popups can also be created with this product. It will let you integrate the popups with all the popular auto-responders. You may have seen on several sites that you have like that site from your social media to enter that. That type of popup can be called the content locker. This plugin will let you create such type of things for your sites very easily. All these types of things are the popups based on times. After a specific time, the visitors will be redirected to the specific page. So these are helpful for grabbing the visitors for more time to the sites.

Social Media Compatibility

Absolute Jacker is such plugin which will let you get lead from the social media like Facebook. It can be used for posting about the new campaigns to the Facebook. So you will get traffics or leads instantly from there. It has the schedule Facebook posting and notification system. It can create a different list for different types of notification subscribers.

Bonuses & Pricing Plans

When you will purchase the Absolute Jacker, you will get 8 very essential plugins as a bonus. One of those is the BuzzMachine which will let you create viral links very easily. You can create the viral ebook pages with help of the ScarityLock plugin. The SqueezQuestion is another one and it is for the opt-in survey. If you want to create ebooks of the entire WordPress sites of yours then you can use the BlogBook plugin. Other plugins are also very impressive. Absolute Jacker has two different pricing plans. Single License of it is available for $27 and the 10 sites License is for $37. These prices have been mentioned according to February 17, 2015.