ABarcode for Access Software Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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Nowadays the software has made our life so very easy. Various types of difficult tasks can be completed very easily with the help of simple software. Even some unthinkable tasks can also be done with some tools. The ABarcode for Access is such software which has amazing functionalities.

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ABarcode for Access – Reliable Barcode Add-in

This product can create the barcode symbols of the contents of any report. You can use this with your Microsoft Access. Several features of this Access add-in are amazing. The process of using this product is also very easy. All the main points about this tool have been discussed here.

Some Main Features

For printing the barcodes on the Access reports, the ABarcode for Access is very much impressive. After it sets such codes, this will be shown on the reports after printing. Without the help of the necessary reader device and computer, those barcodes cannot be readable to the human.

Using this software, you can hide several contents of the selected text boxes. After reconstructing the human-readable form, the font size of the contents will be kept the same. Even the color, styles and other properties will also be kept finely by ABarcode for Access.

Affordable License Pricing

All the three types of licenses of this product are very much amazing. Here I have mentioned the unit pricing of each of these licenses. The Single User License can be purchased only by $149 according to the date of writing this post. It can be used for one workstation computer only. To get the Site License, you have to pay $1100 for each. All the users of one site will be allowed to use this.

ABarcode for Access also has the development plan. After purchasing this one, you will be allowed to use this in different applications. The unit price of this one is 1400 USD. No matter which one you will purchase, the unit cost will be reduced for higher quantities of each of them. For example, the unit cost for each license will be 109 USD if you purchase 5 Single User Licenses at a time.

Easy Using Process

The ABarcode for Access is not very difficult to use. You just have to get used to with it. While creating the barcodes, first of all, you have to choose the field for which the barcode should be created. The name of the field should be remembered. You don’t have to rely on the same sized field. That can easily be resized according to necessity. The human form of the created barcode will be provided to you.

The provided report can be saved and then opened with the help of ABarcode wizard. From there you can select the required field and type of the barcode by necessary settings. And after finishing the necessary settings, ABarcode for Access will provide you the required result.