ABarcode ActiveX Software Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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Printing the barcodes in various applications cannot be done without the help of necessary software components. Actually, the barcodes can only be read with the help of an optical machine. These represent the data of various kinds by varying the widths of several parallel lines. You can print these codes in various Windows applications with the help of ABarcode ActiveX. It can also print those with different types of ActiveX supported languages. Different facilities are offered by this software component. All those have been mentioned in this post.

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Print Barcodes Using the ABarcode ActiveX

The ABarcode ActiveX can be used by several applications. For example, it can be used in the Microsoft Access reports. From the insert- ActiveX control option, you can easily insert this into those reports. Similarly, it can also be used with the MS Word. Doing so, you have to use the Control Toolbox option.

In some version of Office Suite, this option is not directly there. In those cases, you have to take the help of the Developer tab. By a similar technique, you can include the ABarcode ActiveX directly the MS Excel spreadsheet. For both the Word and Excel, the ABarcode Wizard is very impressive. It can be used in the Visual Basic 6 also.

Advanced Barcode Controlling

Now you may have got the idea that the ABarcode ActiveX has the capability to convert the data as a barcode. But you have to know about the changeable properties of the barcodes. You can easily change the font style and color of the human-readable texts. You don’t have to use the same color as the background of the barcodes. That can easily be customized using ABarcode ActiveX.

The heights and bandwidths of the created barcodes can be customized also. It will let you change the top margin and symbology. Various options in the symbology section have been added and you can choose the suitable one from those.

Suitable Pricing Options

Very impressive pricing is another good thing about this product. For the person uses, you can choose the Single User License of it and that can be purchased by $149 only. This is the required cost if you purchase only one product. But if you purchase several items at the same time, then the unit cost will be reduced. As an example, the unit cost will only be $89 if you purchase 10 licenses at a time. Sometimes you may need to offer ABarcode ActiveX to all the users of your site.

For those cases, the Site License will be suitable. As per this post writing time, the price for that one is only 1100 USD. The Developer Package of this software component can be bought by 1400 USD. The single license should be used by one developer only. The users will be allowed to include this component in their own applications.