AA Mail Server Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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The necessity of the email server software is very high. But for all the organizations or companies, the same software cannot be chosen. There are several reasons behind that. The main reason is the number of user accounts. It is not hard to understand that each of the companies may target different numbers of user accounts. And that is why they have to choose the right email server software.

AA Mail Server Review

The AA Mail Server is a fabulous one which has so many features. This product has been offered for the organizations of medium and small sizes. The features of this product will impress you a lot. Some of the major features of this impressive software are:

Database-Based Solution

The AA Mail Server is one of those solutions which are completely database based. For setting up customized emailing systems, this Windows-based product is highly effective. It can work with the LAN as well as internet. Multiple deploying modes is another good thing about this software. In most of the cases, it can be seen that the security system of this type of products is not of top quality. But the AA Mail Server has a very impressive anti-spam function.

Completely Affordable Pricing

For one year, you have to pay $168 for this product. This pricing has been mentioned here according to October 25, 2015. Maybe the cost of this product seems little high to you. But actually, it is reasonable. During the license period, all the updates and supports will be provided to the customers without any additional cost. If you get the trial version of AA Mail Server, then that can be used only for 5 users. But the licensed version of it is for 20 thousand user accounts. That is why this one is highly recommended.

Email Employee Monitoring

Actually, this is the feature which can be very much helpful for various cases. AA Mail Server has this feature and for this, you will be monitoring the incoming and outgoing emails. For the small or medium organizations, this feature will be more effective. By this, the administrator will be able to monitor what is sent and received by the employees. The contents of those can easily be tracked. The time of sending and receiving emails can also be monitored.

Even the name and other information of the attachment can be retrieved by the AA Mail Server. For the perfect email archiving, this product is highly impressive. Another great advantage of this product is the UTF-8 Webmail support. For this facilities, the user will be able to open and read the emails in the language they like. This feature cannot be found in even various top quality webmail server software. If you are running any kind of international or multinational companies, this feature will be more helpful for you.