A-PDF Content Splitter Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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All the software companies cannot get similar popularity by providing a similar type of products. Different types of PDF-related tools are the main products of many companies. A-PDF is one of those and it really provides some awesome PDF tools. Among all those essential items, A-PDF Content Splitter is, of course, the best.

The main task of this software is to split the large Acrobat files into several small PDF files. In all types of business organizations and stores, this software can be used. Attractive pricing and several features have made this product such powerful. Here I have mentioned the main features of this product.

A-PDF Content Splitter

A-PDF Content Splitter Features & Review

For this type of software, the most important thing is the function with which it will split the files. In the case of Content Splitter of A-PDF Company, this function is so much more powerful. It has the capability to split the files according to the contents. It can also control the task depending on the keywords. Actually, this software supports three different techniques for the tasks. You just have to choose the right method before starting the work.

From the single input, A-PDF Content Splitter can generate thousands of output in the shortest possible time. As the user of this software, you will enjoy the visual rule editor with the help of this one, you will be able to set the rule for splitting the files. It is not mandatory to set the same rule for all the files. For each of those, different rules can be set with ease. For triggering the splitting task, you can use the split tag option. On the other hand, for the output name and properties, the macro tag can be used.

Completely Affordable Pricing

You will love the pricing plans of the Content Splitter of the A-PDF brand. The single license price of this amazing PDF tool is only $79.00 as of October 10, 2015. But like the other products of this brand, a higher number of licenses require lower prices. As an example, the cost of the 5 licenses is only $299.00. Similarly, if you purchase 10 licenses at the same time, the necessary price will be $499.00.

Top Class Automation System

You may have thought that the A-PDF Content Splitter is not easy to handle. But it actually is very easy to use. By only three stages, you will be able to complete your tasks. First of all, you have to choose the targeted large acrobat file. Then the rule of splitting should be chosen. After that, you just have to click once and then this software will start working. Content Splitter of A-PDF has the capability work automatically. It will follow the command lines you have. The defined rules can be reused for other tasks. This software can work with a batch of files and that is why it is not time-consuming.