3D PageFlip Professional Discount, Pro Coupon 2017

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Coupon Details

Get 20% off 3D PageFlip Pro discount with any of the following links. After clicking, get the deducted price on the final checkout page.

3D PageFlip Professional for Windows PC

3D PageFlip Professional for Mac PC

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Also get the following discount if purchasing Standard edition:

PageFlip Standard for Windows

PageFlip Standard for Mac

3D PageFlip Professional Coupon

3D PageFlip Professional Review

Though there are various types of flipping book generator software, only a few of those can be highly recommendable. Undoubtedly the 3D PageFlip Pro can be placed in that short list. This fabulous software offers almost all those features which one may look for. Most of the products of the same brand have both the Windows and Mac versions. This one also has both versions. Most of the features of those versions are the same. But there are also some differences. And for those dissimilarities, the pricing of these are not different. There is 3D PageFlip Professional discount available, where the coupon code is included. Here are some main things about both the products:

Some Common Features

Both of the Mac and Windows edition of 3D PageFlip have some common features. The differences have been discussed in the next paragraph. Both of these are perfect for creating 3D flash eBooks from the PDF files. The users will be allowed to set the page range of each of the files. No matter what is the size of the PDF documents, these products will work with those without problems. Sometimes, there can be hyperlinked in the original documents. These will also import those safely. After converting the normal documents into the eye catching magazine, you can easily share those to websites and social media. 3D PageFlip Professional will also let you use the company logo and other necessary information to the eBooks.

Some Major Differences

Actually, some additional features have made the 3D PageFlip Pro Windows more powerful. This version has 10 built in template when the other offers only 5. The Window edition will let you copy the outputs directly to the CDs. It also supports more colors and effects for generating the flipping magazines. As it is the Windows version, it can work with the Microsoft Office Documents. So it can generate eBooks from the Office documents, PowerPoint presentations and others. The 3D PageFlip for Mac can produce the HTML outputs. That is why those will be more useful for publishing to the websites.

3D PageFlip Pro Pricing and Discount

You can purchase single or multiple license of the 3D PageFlip Professional, both Windows and Mac in 2017. Suppose you just need the Single License of it. In that case, only USD 299 should be paid. This unit cost will be reduced for the increasing number of licenses. If you get 2 licenses of this at the same time, then the cost to you will be USD 538 as per this post writing time. Without the discount coupon, $1,794 will be the charged for 10 Licenses of the  Edition of 3D PageFlip Pro edition. You can get this for even more computers. For 100 Licenses of it, the necessary cost will be USD 5,980. The Windows version of this product supports all versions of this platform from Windows XP to Windows 8. On the other hand, the Mac Edition is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and later versions.

Thus, if you like above review, please also get 3D PageFlip Professional discount in 2017 when purchasing the software. The coupon is included with the links for both Windows and Mac.