123 Flash Chat Review: Get a Cool Pricing

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For the professional quality user management system, several facilities should be provided. One of those is the live chat facility. This is really good for the customers as well as the business holder. The customers can get what they want from the service team.

123 Flash Chat Review

On the other hand the service managers can get the idea about what the customers think about the products. Several types of chat software are available. You can rely on the 123 Flash Chat Software. This one is very easy to install to any type of websites. It provide not just a chat box; entire chat room will be offered by it to the website. Some major features of this product are:

Video & Audio Chat

123 Flash Chat is not like those software which offer only the text chatting facility. This product impressively offers the video and audio chat options for the users. As the admin, you will get the power to activate or deactivate this advanced chatting option. Most important thing is, you can easily resize the video chat window of your site. That window will also be dragged anywhere of the screen. You can offer the full screen mode very easily. 123 Flash Chat will let you share the video chatting of one user with the other users instantly.

Social Network Integration

This is one of the unique features of the 123 Flash Chat. For this feature, the users will be allowed to log in to your site from their social network accounts. It supports the social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Each of the users can invite their friends to the chat room for the group chat. Another big advantage of the 123 Flash Chat is it includes the HTML Client. For this reason, it can be used for all types of smartphones and computers. You don’t have to use the same skin all the times. The default skin of the chat room can easily be changed by the admin.

Amazing License Pricing

Several licenses of 123 Flash Chat are available. I just have mentioned some of the popular licenses. Standard Package including 50 connections can be purchased by USD 199 as of the date of creating this post. For the same number of connections, you can also get the Premium or Ultimate Licenses. Costs for those will be respectively USD 399 and USD 799. Here I have mentioned only the 50 Connections Plans. But you can also get those for a large number of connections. With each of the licenses, the video conference module can be used. If you want to get that, $249 will be the additional cost. It can be said that flexible pricing options of 123 Flash Chat make this product more attractive.